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CAHA Vale Road - 2023 Dec Update

2023 has been a busy time of regeneration at Vale Road allotments. The most visible activity has been the clearance of scrubland to improve the quality of existing plots and to bring new areas into cultivation. Working parties of plotholders have tackled some problem areas that have become overgrown over the years.

We have also been able to bring in contractors to remove a dangerous tree and clear a larger area. This work was supported by a grant from Surrey County Council approved by our ward councillor Mark Sugden.


This has provided 6 new plots and a lot of wood chip to enrich the soil and help with carbon sequestration. With the additional space, we have allocated space to everyone on our waiting list!

We have also been stepping up manure deliveries to further help our environmental profile – more carbon in the soil, less fertiliser added and reduced water requirement.

It was a busy Saturday morning for plot holders in September, with two bulk loads of manure delivered. Thanks to our neighbours for their forbearance while we cleared a big pile of poo from the road!

With lots more to come next year, if you are interested in joining the community, get in touch.

Thank you to Rich Ingram (Vale Road site manager) fo sharing this update.

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