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Membership Form 2025

Please take a moment to fill out the form. Please complete this form for all members, and where possible ensure email addresses are not shared. 

Once forms are validated and payment is confirmed membership cards will be provided for 2025 after the 2024 AGM. If purchasing new 2025 membership after July 1, you will be provided a digital membership card for the remainder of 2024.

Please fill in all fields marked with * in order to submit. 

Member type
You should not complete this form until you have paid dues. Please confirm the method of payment.
2025 Dues Paid - Online
2025 Dues Paid - Cash
2025 Dues Paid - Card
2025 Dues Paid - Cheque
Please let us know which other groups you belong to, this helps with event planning
Please help us better understand our community by sharing information on which demographic you're part of
Under 20
Where did you hear about CGS?
CGS services that benefit me the most (pick as many as apply)
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