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CGS 2024 Membership is open!

Some photos from this year's fun! So much to offer for only £5!

What a year we've had with CGS. We've run exciting group talks and events, but our community would be nothing without you! We hope you'll join us for 2024 and renew your membership to take advantage of this great society and help it grow for the future.

Here's a reminder of what you get for your £5 membership?

- Free entry to monthly CGS talks

- Ability to join any CGS events

- Multiple Discounts in Claygate and the surrounding area

- Access to members-only area and community on this site

- Free entry to annual Flower & Vegetable show

- Ability to compete in the legendary Claygate Flower Show

- Use of local Gardening Depot on Vale Road

- Social events (e.g. Walks. Summer BBQ, coffee mornings)

- and much more...

How do I join / renew?

Step 1: Pay your Membership - £5

To both support the smooth running of our processes with limited volunteer availability and reduce our reliance on paper we're asking everyone use the online system to renew your membership this year, and where possible pay online.

If you are a member of CAHA your membership dues to CAHA include CGS membership for only £2/year ! Lucky you. You won't need to pay your dues but we would love you to provide some information to help inform our services (See Step 2 below).

Step 2: Fill in Membership forms

Once you purchase membership above you will be emailed one of two forms

1) New joiner form

2) Renewal form in which you won't need to repeat any information we already have in our members database!

If you are a CAHA member we are asking that you fill in a special form to help us get to know our members. You should have this information sent to you by the CAHA team, but if not then you can find these forms here

Step 2: Membership cards

In addition this year we aim to move to a digital membership card system, and are currently investigating the best (and cheapest) option to do this.

Physical cards will not be offered as default and will only be available on request at annual renewal or via the form on the Members only area

Please renew before Jan 1st where possible as your membership is from Jan - Dec.

Also please check you have subscribed as you may not receive newsletters and info if you have unsubscribed or never subscribed.

Please help inform our research into digital card by answering our poll below.

Membership cards: Tell us what you think...

  • I would prefer a digital card

  • I would prefer a physical card

  • I would prefer not to have a membership card

  • I have no opinion

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I want to renew but no option appears for life membership. I would like a physical card as I wouldn't be able to use a digital one.

Kat Macdonald
Kat Macdonald
Nov 06, 2023
Replying to

Hi Mary - As a life member you do not need to renew :) I'll be providing physical cards to all Life members as default as well as digital cards.

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