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Members Area: Depot products online?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Gardening equipment on a wooden background

I've raised a question with the depot team about the possibility of making some products possible to buy, preorder and then collect, from the Vale Road depot in the upcoming year. I'd love to know if this would appeal to members, particularly those not with an allotment at Vale road (so perhaps not utilising the depot as much)

Of course whether this is possible will be down to the Depot team, and discussion with the committee, so no promises yes that it will be in place - but i'd love to get input on interest to support the discussion.

Please do let us know your thoughts in the poll below.

If there were products available to purchase on our members only site, for collection at Vale Rd depot - would you be interested

  • 0%Yes

  • 0%No

If yes what products would appeal?

  • 0%Compost

  • 0%Fertiliser (loose)

  • 0%Sundries: canes

  • 0%Sundries: meshes/fleeces/netting

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