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Tree planting at Claygate Primary School

We did it! A huge thank you to members of the Claygate Gardening Society, with the support of Claygate Primary School children who have planted 420 small trees around the school grounds, alongside the path to the Community swimming pool, on the school boundary and the driveway. The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust, as part of a national project to plant trees towards the 2050 carbon-net target

goal We've planted a tree for every member of our local primary school community!

The school is very proud to work with members of our supportive Claygate community. Members of the Claygate Gardening Society have carried out major renovation work around the area of the raised beds during this year. The children have been growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. The last gardening job of the year was to plant bulbs kindly donated by Claygate in Bloom and parents at the school.

The school is looking to raise funds via subscriptions to the Friends of Claygate Primary School to rebuild the Garden Shed near the raised beds. The roof is leaking and the door is badly warped. Thank you - your support is much appreciated.!/DonationDetails

We have started a small gardening club at school on Thursday lunchtimes and are looking for more volunteers to help out with a small group of enthusiastic green fingers. We are cultivating gardeners of the future! Please get in touch with Hilary Ali (Deputy Head) or Meryl White (Governor)  if you would like to help.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the 2024 season. Keep gardening!

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1 Comment

Catherine Desson
Catherine Desson
Dec 22, 2023

Well done everyone, thank you to those that took part! This is a great achievement and will be enjoyed by the Claygate Primary School community and the wildlife that lives on site there for years to come!

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