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Update on Digital Membership Cards

Great news, we are now able to create digital passes for membership for 2024, and will roll these out soon. Work is still ongoing for the production of digital passes for Android phones. Shortly I will visit our discount providers to provide them with membership card references - both digital and physical - and confirm they will accept digital passes as validation of membership.

It would be a big help if we could get an understanding from our members of the type of mobile device that is used by them to prioritise digital card types. If you could use the anonymous poll below to let us know what kind of mobile device you primarily use that would be super helpful.

Primary Mobile device

  • Apple

  • Android

Digital membership cards for Apple and Android devices will be sent in form of a file to your email address which can then be added to the 'wallet' application on your phone. Here are some videos you can watch to help understand how to add the cards.

How to add Membership cards to Apple phones

How to add Membership cards to Android phones

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