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Membership to the Claygate Gardening Society 2025 - until Dec 31 2025 (including Depot)




Available to purchase until 1 Dec 2024


Available for purchase from 1-July 2024.


Any new joiner for 2025 will be automatically extended membership to the remaining months of 2024.


If you are paying on behalf of another please use their email address for the order as the membership form will be sent to them after purchase, and must be completed to finalise membership.


2025 Digital Cards will only be provided after the 2024 AGM.


This product does NOT include a physical card.


No memberships will be processed in December - if you purchase in this period you will receive your card in January 2025.


As per 2024, 2025 membership cards will only be sent after we receive both dues and a completed membership form.


Please add our email address to your contacts list to ensure our emails are not sent to junk/spam. You might recieve emails from two addresses



Many thanks!

Early bird CGS Membership 24/2025 - Digital

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