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Tomato plant sale 2023

Updated: May 21, 2023

John Round and Dick Bell kindly supplied us with a wide variety of tomato plants again this year.  John has been growing tomato plants for CGS for many years and Dick has recently become a second supplier.


Total sales amounted to just over £250.00 with most sales taking place at our April meeting.  More plants were sold at the Depot the following Saturday.


We donated some plants to the Claygate Scouts, The Claygate Youth Club -The Hub and Claygate Primary School.


Last year we donated some plants to The Hub.  With the help of CGS member Meryl White, youth club members grew and harvested a lot of tomatoes over the summer.  They then made chutney with left over fruit at the end of the season.  Meryl is helping with their crop again this year.  She has already re-potted the plants and delivered them to The Hub.


Meryl is a Governor at Claygate Primary School where she is helping with the cultivation of our donated tomato plants which will go into the raised beds supplied by CGS several years ago.  The beds have been neglected due to the Covid Pandemic, a change in staff at the school and the construction of the new Community Swimming Pool.  Meryl is involved in renovation work to bring the beds back to life and is also looking for spare seeds, seedlings and plants.  Please get in touch with us if you are able to help.  Once the beds have been planted up, the school hopes to provide plant science lessons and maybe set up a lunchtime club too.


We are delighted that our tomato plant sale has benefited not only our members but the wider community too.  We offer John and Dick a huge thank you for their time, expertise and patience in producing such a wonderful selection of produce

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