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Big Summer bloom for our Claygate children and young people

Huge thanks to gardeners in Claygate for their kind support for community projects at Claygate Primary School and Claygate Youth and Community Hub.

Claygate Gardening Society (CGS) donated tomato plants which are about to be put outside at both venues. Claygate Village Association (CVA) recently gave us plants left over after their Plant sale and Claygate Allotment Holders Association (CAHA) offered us vegetable plants after their Plant Swap session.

At Claygate Primary School, Y6 gardening prefects have been tending the Raised Beds alongside the Community Swimming pool weekly. They have planted runner and broad beans, potatoes, and sweet peas and set up a wildflower bed. They are excited to have been given an award by the Woodland Trust to set up an herb garden area.

Are you free to help?

Claygate Primary School is planning a tidy-up and plant-out afternoon with Year 6 on Friday, June 7, at 1:00 p.m.

If you can help, please let Mrs. Ali, Deputy Head know by using our contact form here

At Claygate Youth and Community Hub, volunteers have tidied up the outdoor tubs and planted tomatoes in grow bags. They are planning gardening activities over the next few months for the current members and new participants in taster sessions.

Calling out for more …..

I will happily collect any donations for spare seeds, seedlings, flowers, and vegetable plants.

Please get in touch with me via the CGS Contact form here

Both centres are very grateful for our support and the time that volunteers give to share their knowledge, experience, and passion for gardening. We want to do our bit to make Claygate bloom for our future generations!

Many thanks

Meryl White

CGS Depot Manager


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