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CGS Membership Cards : FAQs

Updated: Jul 4

How do I get my membership card? In order to be a CGS member you must either pay CGS dues (here) or be a confirmed CAHA member (dues are paid to us by CAHA).

Once we have your dues, or are notified by CAHA of your membership you will be sent an email asking to complete a membership form. You may access all CGS services once dues are paid but will not receive a membership card until we have your form.

In 2023 a number of people submitted forms without paying dues so please ensure you have covered payment first.

What happens when I pay online?

Our website uses SumUp to process payments, if these do not go through please try again.

When you have paid online you will recieve a confirmation email with an order number - please save this number to include in your membership form.

If you do not see this email please check your spam and save these email addresses in your contacts:

After paying online you will receive an email to confirm your membership and provide a link to the membership form which will need completed to receive your membership card.

Can I pay by cash or cheque? We would prefer not to as it makes end of year accounts difficult and requires extra effort from a small group of volunteers, but if you have to please let us know in advance or do so at a talk.

How do I get an Apple/iOS Digital card? They have been sent to all members who have paid dues and completed the membership forms to date. Please be aware you will need an iPhone6 or above for the Apple Wallet to work.

How to add my Apple/iOS Digital card?

  1. Open attachment

  2. Select Add (top right)

  3. Card will be added to Apple Wallet)

To access your card for talks and discounts open the Apple Wallet app on your phone and click on the card.

How do I get my Google/Android Digital card? These have been sent to all members who have completed the membership forms to date.

How to add my an Google/Android Digital card?

  1. Click on the link in the email

  2. Select Add (bottom)

  3. Card will be added to Google Wallet

  4. You may be asked to download Google Wallet (we highly recommend this)

How to access/use my digital membership card? To access your card for talks and discounts open the Google Wallet app on your phone and click on the card.

Can I have a Physical membership card? Yes, these are still available but not by default - they must purchased at renewal or as a new member, or as a replacement , and once made will be available for collection at Ecocentric US, at 7 The Parade, from 1200 on the Friday after the request is made.

What is a the grid image on my cards? The new digital cards and Physical cards will have a 'QR' code on them - this is an advanced barcode. A QR code (short for Quick Response code) is an array of black and white squares or pixels set in a grid that stores data for a machine to read. A smartphone or camera can quickly process the information contained in a QR code's specific arrangement of pixels, making it a convenient way to store and access data.

The QR code on your card holds your membership number and name only.

NOTE: It is not necessary for any of the nurseries/stores to scan this code, it has been included to help speed up sign in at CGS talks, and potentially the Depot.

What if the discount stores won't except the digital cards? Please let us know, we have contacted the teams at all stores and confirmed they are happy we use digital cards, but this message may not have filtered down to all teams on the checkouts.

If you have any other questions you can post them here (in comments), in the membership forum, or reach out by email.

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Hi - I’ve paid my dues ref 10295 old membership 49 filled the membership form in online but it doesn’t seem to submit , I’ve also tried via the app . Is it faulty ?

Kat Macdonald
Kat Macdonald
Feb 08
Replying to

Thanks Melanie, I see we have your form now.

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