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Depot report, 2023

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

CGS Depot shelves
CGS Depot

Volunteers who had helped to organise and run the CGS Depot for the 2023 season carried out a review in September 2023. There were many positive comments and useful suggestions to consider for 2024. We welcome more …!

These are some of the things we think have worked well :

  • Regular opening times every week at peak times.

  • Good range of stock at reasonable prices and convenience of access in the community.

  • Payment by card via SUMUP.

  • Giving people an opportunity to be involved with a task and seeing more people involved and committed.

These are some of things we want to do for 2024 season :

  • Create information/labelling for helpers on duty to improve communication about ordering, prepare stock for sale and offer advice on products.

  • Improve stock control to avoid running out of popular products.

  • Ask members how they use the Depot and suggest products they’d like to see on sale.

  • Hold tidy and clean sessions at beginning and end of season.

  • Put opening times on display in noticeboard outside Depot.

  • Designate some dates as Seed/Plant/Cuttings exchange sessions.

  • Review opening times after peak points in spring/early summer.

  • Recruit more helpers.

  • Purchase new SUMUP point of sale unit.

  • Advertise Depot around the village to show this is a benefit of joining CGS.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to running the Depot and also to community projects at Claygate Primary School and The Hub (Youth Centre) during the year. Both centres are very grateful for our support with offers of plants, seedlings but also the time volunteers have given to share their knowledge, experience and passion for gardening!

Meryl White

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I have recently joined the society to benefit from the discount at Squires & other nurseries. I know the depot is only open on Saturdays. This is impossible for me as I work on Saturdays, so online buying would suit me well. On the survery I have ticked everything. I am new to gardening & need some guidance.

I have a retail buying background so can help sort out stock control & Shelf edge ticketing & range planning. Nicky Barranger knows me well. I am only available to help in evenings & other odd times as I am committed to other things too.

Have you asked David Russell to do tool sharpening & renovations at particular times? He has just…

Replying to

hello Leo,

It's Ken K here. Did anyone reply yet?

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