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Help Article: Logging into Members area

Hello Members!

In case any of you have issues logging into the Members area - here's some help !

I can't login OR don't know my password? When you are given access to login we do not set a password for you and have no power to set or change them.

To set or reset your password Visit this link

  1. visit this link

  2. select 'forgot password'

  3. on the next screen enter the email address you used to join CGS or CAHA

  4. a reset password link will be sent to your email (if you are an allowed member) - don't forget to check your spam

  5. If you don't see the email check your spam.

  6. If you are still unable to login please first confirm you have renewed (you will have an email confirming your membership) and if your membership has been confirmed but you are still unable to access the site message me via the contact page here :

I was able to access and now I cannot

Access is only possible for members who have paid CGS dues for the current calendar year OR whom have an allotment through CAHA for this calendar year.

If you are a CGS member and have not renewed your access from previous years' will be on hold until renewal.

You can renew here:

If you are a CAHA member but did not provide the team with your email address then complete your CGS membership form here and we'll confirm your membership and enable access.

If you are a CAHA member who has not renewed your allotment dues you can retain CGS membership by renewing via the link above.

I am not a member but have signed up to join the Members area

The members area is only accessible after paying membership dues to CGS or CAHA. If you would like to join you can do so here:

What can I access via the members area?

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